Lucid Media Partners is a global media, entertainment, and marketing firm with operations, partners, and clients in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

In our Media Division, we produce film, TV, music, animations and portal news/entertainment sites (NewsflashNews.com and NoticieroMundial.com) in partnership with The Associated Press, the world’s largest media company. Lucid is a part owner of the Ironbound Film & Television Studios, which is majority owned by Prudential Insurance.

Our Digital Agency Division offers a wide array of digital media production, marketing and distribution services, including: Web design and development; social media marketing; search engine marketing; media buying and planning; digital content, traffic and monetization solutions; online community-building; animation; video production and platforms; and integrated sales and marketing training.

Lucid’s Ecommerce Division sources, produces, markets and distributes a wide range of products online, including: electronics, wearables, pet supplements, healthcare supplies, ebooks, music – and we are always looking for unique products to promote.

Our Business Development Division works with companies that are looking to enter new markets (US, Latin America, Asia) by leveraging Lucid’s broad network of strategic alliance partners. We have worked with solar energy providers, restaurant franchises, consumer products goods companies, media properties, and real estate developers.