Ken Kragen


Ken Kragen serves as an Advisor to Lucid Media Partners, specifically on the musical and animation productions related to Lucid’s joint venture with the Parents’ Choice Award-Winning children’s band, The Strawberry Traffic Jam.

Ken has been instrumental in developing the band’s relationship with several non-profits and charities, including: National Geographic Kids for the promotion of the song, “Ice Cream Expedition”; The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for “The 40-Point Swing”, a song that promotes the importance of blood-sugar monitoring; and “Big Bad Jupiter”, a song which celebrates the success of NASA’s Juno Mission to Jupiter.


A graduate of Harvard Business School, Ken Kragen has an impressive record of unprecedented success as a motivational speaker, career and marketing consultant and designer of non-profit events and strategies. He has consulted for Cisco Systems, New York Life Insurance, IBM, Polaroid, Interface Carpeting Company, The Hollywood Reporter and many more.

Ken has taught courses at UCLA, USC, the University of Tennessee, Loyola Marymount University, Harvard Business School, and many other schools and universities. Three times he has keynoted the Country Radio Broadcasters annual convention in Nashville. Recently he did a memorable presentation for his peers at the prestigious SANG (Speakers & Authors Networking Group) conference in Los Angeles.

Ken develops unique and creative concepts that demonstrate his gift for “thinking outside of the box” and creating a whole new package of ideas. He is an expert marketer. He creates fully integrated strategies that implement the vision of executive management and propel the sales force to higher levels of achievement.

“It is no wonder Ken Kragen is at the top of the entertainment industry executive ’A-list’. He manages his clients’ careers with the professionalism of a Fortune 500 CEO and the flair of a creative guru.” – Roger A Enrico, Former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, Inc. Current Chairman of The Board of Dreamworks Annimation

“I have worked with Ken Kragen on the “NetAid” project he created for us and his communication skills, his general sense of teamwork, his commitment and his people skills made that event a tremendous success for us.” – John Chambers, President & CEO, Cisco Systems

Ken is a rare combination of talented and creative businessman and a concerned and involved citizen.” – Michael Fuchs, former Chairman, HBO