Klaudia Moksa


Klaudia Moksa is a managing partner at Lucid Media Partners. Her main focus at Lucid is as the CEO of the company’s network of news/entertainment sites in English and Spanish through a partnership with The Associated Press, the world’s largest news organization. The main portals in the network are NewsflashNews.com and NoticieroMundial.com – with vertical sites covering politics, finance, health, sports, entertainment, technology, and pets.

Klaudia also oversees the digital agency division of Lucid. She manages day-to-day operations of dozens of content developers, social media experts, and programmers in Lucid’s New York, Europe, Asia and Latin America offices. The full-service agency (formed by the merger of Frog Media Group and EyeCatcher Digital) offers a wide array of digital media production, marketing and distribution services, including: Web design and development; social marketing; search engine marketing; media buying and planning; digital content, traffic and monetization solutions; online community-building; animation; video production and platforms; and integrated sales and marketing training.

She is the co-author of the forthcoming book, Got Eyeballs? How To Get Ridiculous Amounts of Web Traffic and Digital Downloads.

Klaudia also is the Executive Producer of the forthcoming DVD and TV series of animated music videos featuring the Parents’ Choice Award-winning children’s band, The Strawberry Traffic Jam. To check out the first several videos in the series, visit STJvideos.com.

Klaudia also has business development, marketing and operations experience in a variety of other sectors including: pharmaceuticals: (Horizon Life Sciences/Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings, Ltd.), EV chargers (Environmental Energy Solutions), solar renewable credit trading, and solar power infrastructure consulting. Before her career in digital media, Klaudia managed more than $100 million in commercial/residential real estate development projects.

Klaudia’s charity work includes serving as the chair of The National Dog Cancer Foundation, which was formed to raise awareness of the increasing rates of cancer in dogs. She also serves as an advisor to modern and impressionist art collectors.

Klaudia’s hobbies include competitive archery, data analytics, and a passion for classical cars.